Charismatic Prayer Groups

Charismatic Prayer Groups are faith communities consisting of individuals who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, who strongly desire to keep the experience of Pentecost alive through the exercise of their charismatic gifts, and who earnestly desire to become strong disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Catholic Charismatic Prayer groups affiliated with the CCRCC are under the spiritual direction of the bishop in their diocese, and in full accord with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The leadership and format style for individual groups varies according to the needs of each particular group. The format usually includes: a significant time for praise and worship, the presence of charismatic gifts (tongues, prophecy, healing prayer), spiritual teachings, witnessing to the favors of the Lord, and intercessory prayer.

There are approximately 70 Catholic Charismatic Prayer Groups of various ethnic backgrounds located throughout the Chicagoland area. For information about a group near you, please call the CCRCC office at 708-209-1199. You may also download theĀ Prayer Group Listing, which has the name, address and contact information of each prayer group.