Service Team

The CCRCC Service Team is made up of nine members, including the Liaison to Cardinal Francis George,
Archbishop of Chicago. The Service Team is entrusted with the ministry of pasturing the Charismatic
ministries and affiliated Prayer Groups of the Chicago Archdiocese and the surrounding greater
Chicagoland area by discerning the needs for growth, setting direction, and communicating vision.

Fr. John Harvey is the Liaison to Cardinal George. He was ordained a priest in 1986, and is currently the pastor of St. Mary Queen of the Apostles Church in Riverdale, IL. He previously served as associate pastor at St. Felicita’s and St. Benedict the African-West parishes. Fr. John says, ”I have been involved in the Charismatic Renewal for all of my priesthood. I believe profoundly in the work of the Spirit in our times, and I believe that the Renewal is an answer to the crisis of the lack of participation in our church today. I also have a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. After all our salvation came from the union of the Holy Spirit with the womb of Mary. May God bless the Charismatic Renewal and the Marion Movements in our church.”

God has raised up the following individuals to serve on the Renewal Service Team, along with Fr. John Harvey:

Lauretta Froelich came into the Renewal in 1983 when she attended a Life in The Spirit Seminar which
became St. Peter’s Prayer Group, and also an ecumenical group, known as People of the Resurrection.
She has actively been involved in the Charismatic Renewal, parish ministry, and a prayer group at
St. Luke’s parish in River Forest, IL; she also is one of the organizers of WOW Ministries with annual
Praise Conferences in the United States and Africa. In 1987, Lauretta completed a two year Archdiocesan
Lay Ministry Training Program. Lauretta says, “Supported by a fabulous Catholic education at home,
church, and school, I received a spiritual healing at a mass presided over by Fr. Dennis Kelleher. The
Charismatic Renewal saved my life. I love Jesus in the richness of his church and his sacraments.
Submission to the Spirit in the Charismatic Renewal is the heartbeat of the Church, pulsating new life
into it and empowering all to know Christ in His fullness.”

Maryse Gregoire was born in Haiti. She moved to the United States in 1971. She was introduced to the
Renewal in 1991, during a personal crisis in her life. In response to God’s grace and mercy she became
the leader/co-founder of the Spirit of Love Prayer Group at St. Mary’s Church in Evanston. Maryse says,
“God has allowed me to use my gifts of intercessory prayer, healing, and prophecy in the Renewal. I
have had the honor to serve on the CCRCC service team and in the word gift ministry. My vision for
the Renewal is that we would go forth and witness the love and forgiveness of God to all the world.
By reading the word of God daily, and applying it to our lives, we will become the light of Christ in this
dark world.”

Stephen Leigh has been involved in the Charismatic Renewal since 1995 when he was baptized in the Spirit. He served on the CCRCC Youth Service Team from 1996 to 2003 serving as music minister at conferences, prayer groups, and healing masses. He has provided teachings and led discussion groups at retreats, conferences, and Life in the Spirit seminars. He attends St. Theresa’s Prayer Group in Palatine.

Stephen has served outside the Renewal in many roles: in the Happening in Christianity and Kairos retreats, both Cursillo-based retreats for young adults and teens. He was a parish choir director for eight years and a high school Religion teacher for seven years. As a father of four young children, Stephen wishes to encourage entire families to praise the Lord together in Charismatic prayer groups.

Russell Klimowski came into the Renewal in 1973 in Seoul, Korea. Upon returning to the Chicago area in 1974, he became a member of the Cenacle Prayer Group where he has served on the leadership team, prayer ministry team, and participated in presenting Life in the Spirit Seminars. Russ has also assisted at many CCRCC conferences, healing services, and other functions. He has also been active in parish life serving on various boards and leading a Christ Renews His Parish Retreat.

Russ says: “ The Lord has and continues to bless and provide for me beyond my hopes and dreams. The greatest lessons I am continuing to learn in the Renewal is to develop a close personal relationship with Jesus and to keep my eyes on Jesus and pray to discern his will. Through my work on the Service Team, my desire is that the Lord uses me to encourage others to develop and deepen their personal relationship with Jesus and that the Renewal can become a more integral part of parish life.”